Transportation of Pupils - Regional School Districts

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Regional school districts often have higher student transportation costs since they cover larger geographic regions. The state subsidizes transportation costs for these longer journeys in an effort to encourage the formation of regional school districts, which can often run more efficiently than smaller school districts.

The Commonwealth sets aside funding to help cover the higher transportation costs of regional school districts. The funding designated by the state each year goes into special funds called Regional Transportation Reimbursement Funds (RTR). These funds allow regional districts to carry over reimbursements that they receive in one fiscal year into the next, providing useful budgeting flexibility.

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education sets a reimbursement rate each year based on the state's total appropriation for regional school district transportation. Between FY 2010 and FY 2014, this reimbursement rate has averaged 61 percent of the cost incurred by regional districts. In FY 2014, the reimbursement rate was 66 percent.

Updated January 2016

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