Substance Abuse Counselors

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While first funded through the FY 2015 budget, the Substance Abuse Counselors line item has not yet been implemented as originally intended. Its initial FY 2015 funding was eliminated through a mid-year 9C cut. And, according to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, the Substance Abuse Counselors program is currently on hold for FY 2016.

Description of Substance Abuse Counselors from FY 2016 Budget (General Appropriation Act):

“For multi-year grants to cities, towns and regional school districts to provide a mental health and substance abuse counselor in schools; provided, that the department of elementary and secondary education shall work with the department of public health to establish minimum professional requirements for mental health professionals provided through this item; provided further, that grant recipients shall be selected through a competitive grant process in which successful proposals shall: (i) demonstrate a need for a mental health and substance abuse counselor in the school district; (ii) demonstrate a plan for how the counselor will interact with and impact students in the school district; and (iii) agree to comply with the data reporting requirements; provided further, that each grant recipient shall report to the department annually on: (a) how many separate students utilized the services of the counselor; (b) what types of services the counselor provided to students and the school district; (c) the number of times students were referred to services provided by the department of mental health, the department of children and families, the department of public health and private healthcare entities, delineated by service referral; and (d) types of educational outreach programs that the counselor participated in; and provided further, funds from this item shall be available for expenditure through June 30, 2018.”

Updated March 2016

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