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* totals for all programs pictured above

Inflation-Adjusted NOT Adjusted
$93,400,702 $93,400,702
$90,600,702 $90,600,702
FY19 $95,054,527 $92,857,039
  • In FY01, funding for children and adolescents awaiting discharge to appropriate placements ("stuck kids") was in the Office of Medicaid, and then in FY02 was a separate line item in the Dept. of Mental Health. In FY03, this funding was incorporated into the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services line item in the Dept. of Mental Health.
  • Use caution comparing funding for this line item FY09-FY10. In FY10, funding for information technology was taken out of this line item and shifted to a centralized information technology account. The exact amount of this accounting change is not available.