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* totals for all programs pictured above

Inflation-Adjusted NOT Adjusted
$552,467,456 $552,467,456
FY19 $537,721,872 $525,290,719
  • In FY17, there is a shift of $600,000 from Supportive and TANF Childcare (3000-3060) into a new line-item, Quality Improvement (3000-1020).
  • In FY16, there is a shift of $119.4 million from TANF Child Care (3000-4050) to Supportive and TANF Childcare (3000-3060), and a shift of $100.5 million to Supportive Child Care (3000-3050).
  • Funding for child care subsidies for low-income families and funding for supportive child care for families receiving TAFDC has shifted among various line items first within the Office for Children and then among line items within the Dept. of Early Education and Care, and are grouped together.