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* totals for all programs pictured above

Inflation-Adjusted NOT Adjusted
  • In FY17, the budget consolidated funding for early education Quality Improvement (3000-1020). Funding for Universal Pre-Kindergarten (3000-5075) and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation (3000-6075) were completely encompassed in this new line item. These line items are grouped together. A portion of funding from Early Education and Care Administration (3000-1000), Supportive and TANF Childcare (3000-3060), Income Eligible Child Care (3000-4060), and Services for Infants and Parents (3000-7050), was also shifted into Quality Improvement, but these line items are not included in this group. In FY18, funding for the Commonwealth Preschool Partnership Initiative (3000-6025) was also incorporated into Quality Improvement, and is included in this group.