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* totals for all programs pictured above

Inflation-Adjusted NOT Adjusted
FY19 $268,518,522 $256,757,691
FY18 $264,027,422 $247,337,564
FY17 $257,997,272 $236,377,183
FY16 $246,014,985 $221,298,049
FY15 $232,085,749 $207,371,693
FY14 $229,030,378 $203,200,101
FY13 $253,597,251 $221,549,097
FY12 $249,950,282 $214,743,708
FY11 $257,290,903 $214,743,708
FY10 $80,265,213 $65,688,963
FY09 $23,794,510 $19,283,600
FY08 $9,756,187 $7,797,429
FY07 $0 $0
FY06 $0 $0
FY05 $0 $0
FY04 $0 $0
FY03 $0 $0
FY02 $0 $0
FY01 $0 $0
  • In FY17, approximately $8 million for MassHealth administrative and IT funding shifted into the Executive Office of Health and Human Services. Funding moved from several small administrative line items as well as approximately $3.7 million from the Children's Behavioral Health Initiative (4000-0920).
  • The Children's Behavioral Health Initiative (also known as "Rosie D.") was funded as a start-up reserve in FY08 and a line item in MassHealth starting in FY10.
  • Use caution comparing funding for this line item FY10-FY11. In FY11, funding for information technology was taken out of this line item and shifted to a centralized information technology account. The exact amount of this accounting change is not available.
  • Funding for MassHealth often shifts among line item appropriations and special trust funds from year to year, so it is helpful to look at total MassHealth and Health Reform funding, rather than at individual line items to get a sense of funding over time. In many years, the Administration has also been allowed to transfer funding among the MassHealth program line items without additional legislative approval. This means that there may be a meaningful difference between the budgeted amount and actual spending for individual line items, and that funding budgeted for one line item is ultimately spent in another.