Sexual Abuse Intervention Network (SAIN)

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The Sexual Abuse Intervention Network (SAIN) facilitates interagency cooperation in order to minimize secondary trauma to child victims of sexual abuse. The Department of Children and Families (DCF), law enforcement, child advocates and other organizations jointly assess victim's immediate needs while also facilitating prosecution.

Victims of sexual abuse often get interviewed multiple times by representatives of multiple organizations forcing them to relive the trauma repeatedly. SAIN's primary goal is to reduce this number of interviews. Instead of separate interviews, SAIN organizes one interview conducted in a non-leading manner by a trained forensic interviewer in a child friendly environment. Team members from other organizations observe via closed-circuit television and can transmit questions to the interviewer.

The SAIN team strives to assess and respond to the needs of the victim and their families in a respectful manner. Members of a SAIN team can include: an assistant district attorney, a DCF social worker, a forensic interview specialist, a family service advocate, a police officer, and a SAIN Team Coordinator.

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