Services for Children and Families (Foster Care/Adoption)

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Services for Children and Families funds foster care and adoption services for clients of the Department of Children and Families (DCF). Services are delivered by organizations that partner with DCF, with the aim of providing a permanent family for every child.

DCF strives to find the safest and most stable placement for every child who cannot live safely at home. DCF first looks for a family member (kinship care), and overall, about a quarter of children who need to be placed outside the home are placed with kin. If a kinship placement is not possible, DCF then turns to a non-kinship foster home.

In most foster care cases, the goal is to reunify children with their families. For some children, the goal is to identify an adoptive family, or find a permanent guardian.

Foster care families (both kinship and non-kinship) receive a stipend from DCF. Other supports that can be available to the child, their parents, and the foster family include:

  • counseling services for children and their parents
  • substance abuse treatment
  • services that help young parents towards reunification
  • adoption assessments for children who have been in foster care over 12 months
  • post-adoption support services

Updated, April 2016

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