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The School of Excellence program is a collaboration between the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, multiple high schools, and the state to operate the Massachusetts Academy of Math & Science. The academy consists of 100 high achieving high school juniors and seniors from Eastern and Central Massachusetts who complete high school and a year of college in a specialized rigorous program with a strong emphasis on math and science.

To attend the Massachusetts Academy of Math & Science students must complete an application, diagnostic test, and receive letters of recommendation from teachers and gain admittance. Applicants are also evaluated on their achievement levels in prior coursework and standardized test scores. Once at the academy, students enroll in rigorous high school courses designed to exceed Advanced Placement in difficulty as juniors, and take college courses at Worcester Polytechnic Institute as seniors.

The program was created in 1992 to place gifted high school students in a rigorous math and science program. State funding for the academy means that these students are not the financial responsibility of their sending school district. While the academy is focused on math and science, students continue to receive rigorous instruction in humanities, world languages, and participate in community service and other extracurricular activities.

Updated January 2016

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