Safe and Successful Youth Initiative

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The Safe and Successful Youth Initiative takes a multi-faceted and community-based public health and public safety approach to reducing gun-related violence among high risk young people in 11 selected cities.

This line item (formerly funding Youth Violence Prevention Grants) currently funds grants to municipalities that join with community partners to implement violence prevention programs focusing on young people between the ages of 14 and 24 who are at risk of being victims or perpetrators of gun violence. Grants are awarded to municipalities with high levels of youth-related homicides and other assaults.

Communities that receive grants must show that they have relationships with community partners, including educational, medical, and behavioral health programs and community- and faith-based organizations, and they must implement strategies to coordinate services and fill gaps in services for youth. Activities supported by the grants include street outreach, trauma counseling, and employment programs.

Updated February, 2015

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