Pediatric Palliative Care

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The Pediatric Palliative Care program provides supportive services to Massachusetts children with life-limiting illnesses and their families through a network of ten hospices. Palliative care provides support throughout the course of a child’s illness or disease, and is not limited to the end of life.

Children 18 or younger are eligible for the program if they have been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness, such as cancer, AIDS, or congenital disorders. Eligibility is not linked to income, although the program only pays for services that are not covered by other insurance that the child or family may have.

The Dept. of Public Health contracts with hospices to provide services, such as consultations for pain, symptom management, counseling, and respite services, for eligible children and their families. State funding for this program is supplemented by hundreds of hours of volunteer time and fundraising by the hospice agencies.

Updated January, 2015

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