Multi-Generational Anti-Poverty Pilot

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The Multi-Generational Anti-Poverty Pilot program was eliminated through a mid-year cut of $100,000 to the FY 2017 budget.

Created in the FY 2017 budget, the Multi-Generational Anti-Poverty Pilot program works with existing social service agencies to help integrate mentoring and other supports for parents and children in participating families. The pilot program is designed to integrate supports for multiple generations within a family, helping to increase family wealth, stability, and academic achievement.

This pilot program is designed to work for three years within existing service providers such as after-school programs, Head Start early education centers, and parent home visiting programs. These existing providers support both parents and children, integrating services for families. For adults, the pilot program aims to promote increased financial resources and savings, as well as housing and family stability. For kids, the support focuses on fostering developmental and educational success. A portion of the funding must be spent on evaluating the effectiveness of this pilot program.

Updated September 2016

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