The Massachusetts state budget funds a variety of health programs that have made our state a leader when it comes to providing health care for children and their families. These include programs that provide health insurance for around one in three Massachusetts children, as well as other programs that help ensure that children are able to live healthy lives in healthy communities.

The Health section of the Children's Budget is broken down into several parts:

MassHealth programs provide health coverage to over half a million Massachusetts children, either through direct enrollment in a MassHealth plan or by subsidizing existing health coverage offered by a parent's employer.

Mental Health programs fund services provided to children with mental illness at both in-patient and community-based facility, as well as funding supportive services for these children and their families.

Public Health Care Access programs provide school-based health care, dental services, and other crucial health services to children who would otherwise lack access to care.

Maternal & Early Childhood Health programs help to identify and treat potential health problems at an early age and support the healthy development of children.

Prevention & Wellness programs aim to keep children well by providing immunizations and lead poisoning prevention programs; they also help to prevent and treat tobacco and substance abuse addictions.

Violence Treatment & Prevention programs fund grants for community-based efforts to prevent violence and promote positive youth development, and they also include programs that aim to prevent domestic and sexual violence, and to provide treatment and supportive services for victims of such violence.

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