Forensic Services

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This line item funds mental health services for adults and children involved in the juvenile and criminal justice systems. It also includes partial funding for the Juvenile Court Clinic system. The Juvenile Court Clinics provide court-ordered evaluations and assessments of children referred to the juvenile justice system.

The Juvenile Court services are delivered mainly through a system of Juvenile Court Clinics that operate in courts across the state. Juvenile judges rely on the juvenile court clinics for evaluations associated with Children Requiring Assistance (formerly CHINS) and delinquency cases, as well as same-day assessments for crisis evaluations. Clinicians may provide emergency evaluations of children in crisis, psycho-social evaluations to support treatment and service planning, risk assessments when children exhibit complex or possibly dangerous behavior, and evaluations as to whether a child might be competent to stand trial.

Clinicians may include psychologists, social workers, or other mental health professionals who are specially-trained by the Dept. of Mental Health. The intention of the Juvenile Court Clinics is to balance the interests of children and families, as well as public safety, and funding for the court clinics comes from both the Juvenile Trial Court and the Dept. of Mental Health.

Updated, April 2015

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