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Family Health Services at the Dept. of Public Health supports more than 90 family planning clinic sites across the Commonwealth, providing counseling, education, and clinical services to low-income adolescents, women, and men. It also supports the birth defects monitoring program and a poison control center at Children's Hospital.

Comprehensive family planning services include clinical services such as birth control counseling and supplies, pregnancy testing, HIV and STD counseling and testing, and other health services such as preventive screenings. Funding may also support education and technical assistance, community outreach programs and clinical wrap-around services. Services are offered at stand-along family planning agencies and at community health centers.

The Family Planning Program covers all or part of the cost of clinical services for individuals who are uninsured and have incomes below 300% of the federal poverty level and for adolescents and young adults under age 26 seeking confidential care regardless of income. It also covers the cost of services for people enrolled in MassHealth Limited.

In previous years (chiefly before FY 2007) this line item also funded a broader array of services, now transferred to other line items. Use caution in analyzing funding over time.

Updated January, 2015

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