Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Services

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Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Services provide support to children and families in early education and care programs and for children up to the age of 14. Funding also supports training for providers. Preference is given to services which focus on lowering the number of school suspensions and expulsions.

Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Services provide grants to promote healthy development, particularly in children affected by poverty, biological or family risk factors, or other factors causing a high stress environment. Services are concentrated at the classroom level with individual level services referred to third party providers. Services include classroom and program assessment, on-site mentoring, teacher training and support, and parent consultations.

Services are also directed at building teacher capacity so teachers can maximize child learning and address the needs of children who exhibit behavioral challenges. Providers partner with teachers and families addressing the cultural, linguistic and socio-emotional needs of children in order to reduce the number of suspensions. One model recommended by EEC to increase the number of early childhood professionals capable of supporting the social emotional development of young children and preventing and addressing challenging behaviors is the Center on Social Emotional Foundations for Early Learning's (CSEFEL) Pyramid Model.

The capacity of the consultation services has been compromised as funding levels have fallen. Between FY 2009 and FY 2016 funding was cut by around 75 percent. Since the grants are renewal grants, only programs which receive funding in one year are eligible to receive funding again. This maintains the number of programs offering these services provided all current programs reapply for funding. However, the amount of funding each program receives is affected and continues to decrease from year to year – potentially affecting service delivery.

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