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The Dept. of Youth Services (DYS) line item 4200-0500 provides funding that helps cover the salary cost of teachers working in DYS state- and provider-operated residential programs.

The Dept. of Youth Services (DYS) identifies education as “the major protective factor” in helping young people achieve successful life outcomes. The department states that its education program’s core principles include: developing a culture that emphasizes education as a priority; maintaining high quality educational staff and a rigorous curriculum; and preparing youth for a successful return to the community.

In 2003, DYS and the Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) collaborated to develop what is known as the Comprehensive Education Partnership, a partnership among DYS, DESE, the Commonwealth Corporation (“CommCorp”) and the Collaborative for Education Services (“CES”). CES hires and pays the staff who teach the young people in the DYS residential programs and who prepare them for a transition to appropriate educational and vocational community settings upon leaving a DYS facility.

Additionally, DYS has developed detailed instructional guides for its educational program, built upon the state’s curriculum frameworks and aligned with the Common Core state standards. DYS also offers opportunities for young people to explore their interests in the arts, poetry, music, and theater. Students are expected to take the state’s standardized assessments. The program provides instruction year-round, with a minimum of 27.5 hours of instructional services per week except during the summer months.

The approximately 235 educators are required to hold a valid Massachusetts educator's certificate and all education programs receive certification from their local education authority.

Language in the state budget describes the funding provided by this line item as supporting "enhanced salaries for teachers" at DYS.

Updated, January 2018

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