Dept. of Youth Services Teacher Salaries

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Department of Youth Services (DYS) Teacher Salaries provides additional funds for salaries for teachers in DYS facilities. Services provided aim to prepare youth to reintegrate into the community and to make a successful transition to public school, GED preparation, post-secondary education, job skills training or employment.

The DYS Education, Job Training and Employment Services Unit provides services based on the needs of youth. The unit partners with local schools, colleges, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), families, businesses, industries and communities to provide a varied set of opportunities which can meet the needs of all youth. Primary goals for youth include a focus on literacy skills, success in school and employment and building a positive attitude toward learning.

Educational services are provided to youth who reside in one of 64 residential facilities. Services are directed at the following areas:

  • Education – GED preparation, vocational education, life skills and post-secondary education
  • Special education is provided through the DESE Educational Services in Institutional Settings (ESIS)
  • Educational liaison services connecting DYS facilities with local school districts
  • Vocational/work programs including training and employment are provided through partnerships with Regional Vocational Technical High Schools and Workforce Investment Act Boards

The school year operates all 12 months with a minimum school schedule of 27.5 hours per week. The approximately 235 educators are required to hold a valid Massachusetts educator's certificate and all education programs receive certification from their local education authority.

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