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The Creative Challenge Index supports implementation of a measurement tool for schools across the state evaluating how successfully educators promote creativity and innovation among their students.

The direction and priorities of the Creative Challenge Index project were outlined in the final report of the Massachusetts Commission to Develop an Index of Creative and Innovative Education in the Public Schools. This commission was created in a 2010 economic development law, and released its final report in September of 2012.

The commission was charged with designing a creative and innovative education index to measure how well schools develop and sustain student creativity. It recommended convening of a statewide advisory body, developing evaluation indicators, identifying and supporting pilot programs, undertaking surveys and interviews, and publicizing findings on a central database. This activity focused on identifying promising models for fostering student creativity and innovation.

Funding for the Creative Challenge Index supports oversight of the implementation of the commission recommendations and establishing online forums where interested education stakeholders can provide feedback on the plan and design of the index. The program, which had received small amounts of funding since FY 2014, was not supported in the FY 2017 budget.

Updated September 2016

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