Commonwealth Preschool Partnership Initiative

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This initiative provides grants to cities, towns, school districts or collaboratives that are already providing pre-k with funds to help them plan how to increase access primarily for 3-year-olds.

Cities and towns serving the most high needs students are given preference with grants awarded in a competitive process. Grants are provided to expand access for 3-year-olds looking for early education opportunities. The grant structure also requires the public school system and the private provider network to work together. The public schools would be the main administrator and distributor of the grant funds. The private providers receive the funds from the public schools in order to create more spots for 3-year-olds to access early education and care. Although the public schools do provide early education to 3-year-olds with special needs, the majority of 3-year-olds receive early education through other child care and early education providers.

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