Children's Trust Fund

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The Children's Trust Fund (CTF) is partly funded through this line item. The CTF funds and evaluates the work of over 100 family support and parenting education programs throughout Massachusetts working to prevent child abuse and neglect by supporting parents and strengthening families. CTF, a quasi government agency, also receives funding from its non-profit arm Friends of Children's Trust Fund.

CTF mainly works with young low-income parents, offering resources and support to families for the first years of a baby's life. Young women up to the age of 21 who are pregnant or parents of a child less than three years of age are eligible. CTF administers four programs. The four programs include: 1) Healthy Families Massachusetts, a home visiting program providing information, support and referrals for young first time parents; 2) parenting education and support groups, providing opportunities for parents to talk with other parents providing support and new skills; 3) Massachusetts Family Centers, which offer information and services, including parent-child activities, parenting education and support programs and referrals to community services; and 4) the Family Support Training Center, which works to enhance the skills of family support providers.

CTF offers a variety of training opportunities including conferences, seminars, and technical assistance. More than 1,500 individuals participated in educational programs in FY 2011. Training programs include, Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention, helping fathers be involved in raising their children, the prevention of child abuse, child personal safety, protective factors for strengthening families, and facilitation of education and support groups. CTF also runs which offers parents current and helpful information on parenting.

CTF partners with local and national organizations to support children and families. Local partners include the Department of Early Education and Care, the Department of Public Health, and the Department of Children and Families.

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