Child Welfare Training Institute Retained Revenue

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Child Welfare Training Institute Retained Revenue funds training opportunities for employees of the Department of Children and Families (DCF). The program is funded through federal reimbursements received under Title IV-E of the Social Security Act.

The Massachusetts Child Welfare Institute (MCWI), currently housed in DCF, provides trainings for DCF employees. The primary training program prepares newly hired caseworkers to work with clients. This month long program covers the entire DCF process and is essential in preparing caseworkers to work with families, keep kids safe, and design case plans which give kids and families the best chance for future success.

MCWI also delivers other training courses. Managers and supervisors can take part in the Management Professional Development Program which enhances managers’ knowledge and skills in working with staff, in responding to trauma, and in managing finances and more.

MCWI provides opportunities for continuing professional development and training workshops on specific topics. Training topics include: Teens and Adolescents, Autism, Substance Abuse and many other subjects which help DCF caseworkers provide better service to the families and children on their case load.

Training is crucial in preparing new caseworkers to work with children and families facing significant challenges, in order to keep kids safe and on a positive path.

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