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The Advanced Placement (AP) Math and Science program funds competitive grants for programs designed to increase participation and success in high school AP courses, particularly for under-served populations.

The College Board, which designs and oversees the AP program nationally, has documented significant gaps in access to Advanced Placement courses. The College Board has found that low-income, Black, Hispanic/Latino, and Native American students, who are disproportionately in under-resourced schools across the country, are significantly less likely to take AP courses and perform well on the end-of-year exams. Disparities have been documented even when looking at students with equivalent academic skills.

Advanced Placement courses can help prepare students for careers and higher education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Grants can fund many components of AP courses, including equipment and materials purchases, professional development for teachers, and exam fees. Preference is given to schools that focus on populations under-served by AP programs.

Updated January 2017

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